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 About "Find My Pug"
Try and find the lost pug!
You can play alone or against a friend.
Each player is dealt 16 tiles, and tries to find the lost pug within those tiles.
Each player asks 1 question per turn, and disables the tiles that do not correspond by tapping on them.

You can ask questions such as: "Does the lost pug wear a necktie?"
The answer (yes or no) will automatically be shown at the top of the screen.
You can now tap the tiles that do not correspond.

For example, if you ask: "Does the lost pug have a mustache?",
and the answer is "Yes",
You shall tap on all the tiles where the pug does not have a mustache.
The lost pug must be one of the remaining tiles.

The winner is the first player to eliminate all the tiles except the lost pug.
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Find My Pug     v1.0
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