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 About "My Accounts"
Do you need to keep track of your money/accounts in multiple currencies (Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yens, Yuans, Wons...). Using ”My Accounts” you will be able to manage multiple accounts in different currencies.
”My Accounts” is especially useful for people doing foreign currency shopping, working abroad, traveling or owning foreign currency accounts.
But it may of course be used with only one currency as well.
Pie charts and line charts are provided for statistical analysis.
・Manage all your family's accounts and cash in a single convenient screen. (including foreign currency accounts)
・See your accounts' balance at a glance.
・See the operation history for each account.
・Validate your operations when they appear on your bank slip.
This would allow you to notice if an unexpected operation appears on your bank slip.
・Register programmed operations that will automatically be added every month or once a year.
・Easily handle cash flow between your accounts (Cash → Savings, Savings → Checking)
・Check and compare the amount of money used for each category of operation.

You can download the manual here
Check our data import/export section here
Learn more about the new premium functionalities here
 Latest News
My Accounts 2.0 is now available.
(Activate the new premium functionalities (in-app payment) directly from inside the application.)
- search module (on the operation list screen)
- operation name management module (manage the operation names that are available for selection when you create a new operation)

My Accounts 1.2 is now available.
numeric keypad for amount input, allow operation modification, share export/import data using iTunes
Download it from iTunes.

My Accounts 1.1 (first version).

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